An Academic Literary Reality Show

Wake up The Giant Educational Services is an arm of STEFO- Sastoma Empowerment Foundation. Wake Up The Giant was born  to promote literature and issues on education

in Nigeria and support the educational drive among our youths.Teaching language and literature at various academic levels for the past thirty years, the dearth and death of English/literature teachers is worrisome. The drastic fall in the standard of education, the dwindling number of students offering literature due to laziness in reading the few prescribed textbooks, the poor level of students communication/writing skills, 

the extinction of literary clubs and activities in our schools, students non-challant attitude to academic competitions, and further innumerable deficiencies in our educational system, 

calls for drastic action among well-meaning Nigerians.Most worrisome is the fact thatcurrently in Nigeria, we have over hundred reality shows/talents hunts but none is focusing on this poor, nagging communication/reading challenge.There is no doubt about the fact that the Youth of this nation is the most important resource that we have. Nigeria still has an Oasis of healthy, strong growing young minds, display of outstanding brainpower, sharp pen, and creative minds – yet to be discovered and harnessed for the growth of our great nation!!!

The above-enumerated challenges gave birth to ‘WAKE UP THE GIANT: NIGERIAN YOUTHS GOT BRAINS – A literary Academic Reality Show set to prove that beyond physical talents, Nigerian Youths got Brains.


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This is an urgent challenge that needs an immediate attention. In Edo North, out of over a hundred schools visited, only five can boast of competent Language teachers! This seriously had an adverse impact on their performances during our audition!

Copying to pass examination has become the order of the day. Social media activities have replaced the traditional reading habit! We all know that “READERS ARE LEADERS”

It is our desire that the winners and all participants feel charged to do more in there education also go back to their various schools after the camping to propagate the goals and objectives of this noble venture. 

Good books and good writers  are gradually  going out of circulation in Nigeria. We hope to use this opportunity to catch them young and follow up on their growth.

From the feedback from Edo Youth got talent, this will serve as a unifying ground for our children.

students are made to translate their audition winning poems in their indigenous language in the final on  their local costume! A lot of school had to drop out of this competition because of this task. Most principal told us proudly that the children CANNOT and will not be WILLING to learn it!

It is shameful to see other entertainment shows winners earning a whooping sum of cash prizes with travelling allowances outside the country and brand new cars… Yet nothing to show for a child who proved to the world that he or she has something upstairs that can turn our country around positively!

Encourage an informal way of learning and build good leadership traits among our teenagers.



Indeed i enjoyed my participation in this reality show and my stay on the camp ground has increased my intellectual capacity. Despite the fact that some of us did not qualify for the next stage yet we were positively impacted through the sections in which we participated.


I thought i was a failure when it came to literary work as i am a science student until i was personally selected by the chief Executive Officer of the Edo Youths Got Talent. the quality of the program really thrilled me and i never missed home for one day.


I had unique experiences right from day one our teachers asked us to compose our poems. As a good writer he made us to write,reviews and re-write several times before we finally produced winning poems. He forbade us from copying other artist work which he called plagiarism.


Wake Up The Giant reality show, I believe, is a dream and the longing of well-meaning Nigerians which has come to stay.There have been public outcries by concerned parents and people against some reality programmes bein aired on our TV screens and in other media.

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